"Caulfield’s work triggers an uncanny perception of time, focusing on historical artworks. The dialectic between the object, subject and mythic narrative is submitted to an ‘alchemical’ transformation. The author/ego and artwork, lose their boundaries in the process of documentation.  Reflections add a phenomenological  element to the dissolving of the ego and doubling. The art object becomes an interface of the material and immaterial.


Using the airbrush, Caulfield, is conscious of the mythic parallels with the transformation of liquid to gas to solid state. The material states, pass through an invisible cloud of paint, analogous with the cloudiness associated with the invisible; dreams, ideas, consciousness etc."

Since the second year of studying at the Slade School of Fine Art, 1998, Caulfield has exhibited works in his native London and internationally: France, USA, Japan, Italy, Morocco, Switzerland, South Korea and Norway. Prizes include the Abbey Fellowship Rome, Cocheme Fellowship, AIR residency, Arts Foundation Fellowship shortlist, Natwest Art Prize, Mostyn Open, Royal Academy and the John Moores. Collections include those of Anita Zabludowicz, Paul Smith, Alan Cristea, Vanessa Branson, Yale Center for British Art (from 2035), Nelson Woo, Prue O´Day, Catherine Loewe, Christian Shin, Carolina Botín and Glazo Smith Kline. Publications include Breaking Down the Barriers (Richard Cork), New Gothic Art (Francesca Gavin), Artistic Reconfiguration of Rome (Kaspar Thormod), The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, Independent on Sunday, Financial Times, Vogue, Art Review, The Art Newspaper, Dazed and Confused, Tatler, Pop magazine, Contemporary magazine, El Mundo and Le Journal des Artes. Caulfield has also written for the Musee Picasso Paris on Guernica and been quoted in Guernica: An Icon by Gijs van Hensbergen.



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